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Power Semiconductors

We offer one of the most diverse power semiconductor portfolios, including GTOs, IGBTs, IGCTs, Thyristors, and Diodes in the power range of 150A up to 13500A and 200V up to 8500V.

About Us

ABB Semiconductors, Switzerland, is a world class manufacturer of large area / high voltage power semiconductors.

Over 100-years ago our journey into power electronics started in Switzerland with the production of mercury-arc rectifiers. Today, we offer one of the most diverse semiconductor offerings including thyristors, diodes, GTOs, IGCTs and IGBTs, manufactured at our Lenzburg, Switzerland and Prague, Czech Republic facilities.

With our research team we are developing the next generation power semiconductors and are set to continue pushing the boundaries of power electronics innovation.

Our advanced semiconductor technology has created almost unlimited control possibilities in HVDC transmission systems. We lie at the heart of traction converters driving high speed trains, metros and diesel-electric locomotives. And the many pumps, fans, roller tables, hoist and winches found through-out industry, rely on us.

In future we are powering the next generation of e-vehicles enabling people to enjoy greener mobility. We are Hitachi ABB Power Grids – Semiconductors. And, together with you, we can shape the future of a smarter and greener society.

Integrated Gate-Commutated Thyristors (IGCT)

IGCTs (Integrated Gate-Commutated Thyristors) are press-pack devices. They are pressed with a relatively high force onto heat-sinks which also serve as electrical contacts to the power terminals.

The IGCT's turn-on/off control unit is an integral element of the component. It only requires an external power supply and its control functions are conveniently accessed through optical fiber connections. The device's control power consumption typically ranges from 10 - 100 W.

Part numberVDRM(V)VDC(V)ITGQM(A)ITAVM(A)Package* (mm)DatasheetMOQOffer
5SHY 35L4520450028004000170085/261Request
5SHY 35L4522450028004000210085/261Request
5SHY 45L4520450028004500143085/261Request
5SHY 55L4500450028005000187085/261Request
5SHY 65L452145002800650026605/261Request
5SHY 65L452245002800600022605/261Request
5SHY 50L5500550033003600129085/261Request
5SHY 42L6500650040003800129085/261Request
Part numberVDRM(V)VDC(V)ITGQM(A)ITAVM/ IFAVM(A)Package* (mm)DatasheetMOQOffer
5SHX 26L4520450028002200101085/261Request
5SHX 19L602055003300180084085/261Request
5SHX 36L4520450028003600104085/261Request
5SHX 36L4521450028003600128085/261Request
Part numberVDRM(V)ITGQM(A)DatasheetMOQOffer
5SHX 06F601060006001Request
5SHX 08F450245008001Request
5SHX 08F451045008001Request
5SHX 1060H0003600010001Request
5SHX 10H6010600010001Request
5SHX 14H4502450014001Request
5SHX 14H4510450014001Request
5SHX 19L6010450019001Request
5SHX 26L4510450026001Request
5SHY 35L4510450035001Request
5SHY 35L4512450035001Request
5SHY 4045L0001450040001Request

IGBT and Diode Modules

IGBT power modules are available from 1700 to 6500 volt as single, dual / phase-leg, chopper IGBT and dual diode modules.

The high-power HiPak IGBT modules feature low losses combined with soft-switching performance and record-breaking Safe Operating Area (SOA).

The newly introduced 62Pak and LoPak fast switching medium-power IGBT modules feature lowest switching losses, full 175 ℃ operation with full square SOA and standard package allowing drop-in replacement.

Part NumberVoltage
5SNG 0600R12050012002 x 600Phase leg IGBTLoPak1Request
5SNG 0600R12059012002 x 600Phase leg IGBTLoPak1Request
5SNG 0900R12050012002 x 900Phase leg IGBTLoPak1Request
5SNG 0900R12059012002 x 900Phase leg IGBTLoPak1Request
5SNG 0150Q17030017002 x 150Phase leg IGBT62Pak1Request
5SNG 0200Q17030017002 x 200Phase leg IGBT62Pak1Request
5SNG 0300Q17030017002 x 300Phase leg IGBT62Pak1Request
5SNG 0225R17030017002 x 225Phase leg IGBTLoPak11Request
5SNG 0225R17039017002 x 225Phase leg IGBTLoPak11Request
5SNG 0300R17030017002 x 300Phase leg IGBTLoPak11Request
5SNG 0300R17039017002 x 300Phase leg IGBTLoPak11Request
5SNG 0450R17030017002 x 450Phase leg IGBTLoPak11Request
5SNG 0450R17039017002 x 450Phase leg IGBTLoPak11Request
5SFG 0900X17010017002 x 900Phase leg MOSFETLinPak1Request
5SNG 1000X17030017002 x 1000Phase leg IGBTLinPak1Request
5SND 1200M17030017002 x 1200Dual IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNE 1200M17030017001200ChopperHiPak1Request
5SNE 1600E17030017001600ChopperHiPak1Request
5SNA 1600N17030017001600Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SFG 1800X17010017002 x 1800Phase leg MOSFETLinPak1Request
5SNA 2400E17030517002400Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNE 2400E17030017002400ChopperHiPak1Request
5SNA 2400N17030017002400Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNA 3600E17030017003600Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SLA 3600E17030017003600Single diodeHiPak1Request
5SNG 0250P33030533002 x 250Phase leg IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNG 0450X33030033002 x 450Phase leg IGBTLinPak1Request
5SLG 0500P33030033002 x 500Phase leg diodeHiPak1Request
5SND 0500N33030033002 x 500Dual IGBTHiPak1Request
5SFG 0500X33010033002 x 500Phase leg MOSFETLinPak1Request
5SNE 0800E3301003300800ChopperHiPak1Request
5SNA 0800N3301003300800Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNE 1000E33030033001000ChopperHiPak1Request
5SLD 1000N33030033002 x 1000Dual diodeHiPak1Request
5SNA 1000N33030033001000Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SFG 1000X33010033002 x 1000Phase leg MOSFETLinPak1Request
5SLD 1200J33010033002 x 1200Dual diodeHiPak1Request
5SNA 1200E33010033001200Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNA 1200G33010033001200Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNA 1200N33040033001200Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNA 1500E33030533001500Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNA 1800E33040033001800Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNA 1800G33040033001800Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNG 0150P45030045002 x 150Phase leg IGBTHiPak1Request
5SLG 0600P45030045002 x 600Phase leg diodeHiPak1Request
5SLD 0650J45030045002 x 650Dual diodeHiPak1Request
5SNA 0650J4503004500650Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNA 0800J4503004500800Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNE 0800G4503004500800ChopperHiPak1Request
5SNA 1000J45030045001000Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SLD 1200J45035045002 x 1200Dual diodeHiPak1Request
5SNA 1200G45030045001200Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNA 1200G45035045001200Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SLD 1500J45035045002 x 1500Dual diodeHiPaK1Request
5SNA 1500E45030045001500Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNA 1500G45030045001500Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNA 1500G45035045001500Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNA 0400J6501006500400Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNA 0500J6503006500500Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SLD 0600J65010065002 x 600Dual diodeHiPak1Request
5SNA 0600G6501006500600Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNA 0750G6503006500750Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SNA 1000G65030065001000Single IGBTHiPak1Request
5SLD 1000J65030065002 x 1000Dual diodeHiPak1Request
Part NumberVoltage
5SLA 2000J170300170020001Request
5SNA 040065J012065004001Request
5SNA 1200E250100250012001Request
5SNA 1300K450300450013001Request
5SNA 1500E250300250015001Request
5SNA 1500E330300330015001Request
5SNA 1600N170100170016001Request
5SNA 1800E170100170018001Request
5SNA 2000J170300170020001Request
5SNA 2000K450300450020001Request
5SNA 2000K451300450020001Request
5SNA 2400E170100170024001Request
5SND 0800M17010017002 x 8001Request
5SNE 0800M17010017008001Request
5SNG 015045P030145001501Request
5SNR 10H2501250010001Request
5SNR 13H2501250013001Request
5SNR 20H2501250020001Request
5SNS 0100W120100120010001Request
Part NumberVoltage
PP18017HS6AFE SP517001801Request
PP18017HS6AGE SP617001801Request
PP18017HS6AHD 2P17001801Request


High-power thyristors are used in applications ranging from 100 kW soft starters up to HVDC stations rated 8 to 10 GW.

Besides commonly being used at line frequency, they are also found in kilohertz range applications like induction heating. Such applications can take advantage from devices where multiple functionalities are integrated in a single housing, like the integration of a diode and a thyristor or two antiparallel thyristors.

Bi-directional Controlled Thyristors (BCT)

Thyristors are typically used as phase-controlled current valves for AC to DC conversion and vice versa, operating at low frequencies (most often around AC line frequency). In the conducting state, thyristors feature very low losses, making them attractive devices to efficiently control very high currents and energies.

All Hitachi Energy thyristors are press-pack devices. They are pressed with a relatively high force onto heat-sinks which also serve as electrical contacts to the thyristor terminals.

Part NumberVRM(V)ITAVM(A)ITSM(kA)Package* (mm)DatasheetMOQOffer
5STB 24N28002800243043150/1001Request
5STB 24Q28002800263043150/1001Request
5STB 18N42004200192032150/1001Request
5STB 17N52005200180029150/1001Request
5STB 25U52005200198042172/1101Request
5STB 13N65006500140522150/1001Request
5STB 18U65006500158029.7172/1101Request

Phase Controlled Thyristors (PCT)

Thyristors are typically used as phase-controlled current valves for AC to DC conversion and vice versa, operating at low frequencies (most often around AC line frequency). In the conducting state, thyristors feature very low losses, making them attractive devices to efficiently control very high currents and energies.

All Hitachi Energy thyristors are press-pack devices. They are pressed with a relatively high force onto heat-sinks which also serve as electrical contacts to the thyristor terminals.

Part NumberVDRM(V)ITAV(A)ITSM(kA)Package*(mm)DatasheetMOQOffer
5STP 07D180018007609.060/341Request
5STP 18F18001800178021.075/471Request
5STP 18F18101800178021.075/471Request
5STP 27H18001800294050.5102/631Request
5STP 42L18001800431064.0120/781Request
5STP 50Q18001800610094.0150/1001Request
5STP 06D280028006408.860/341Request
5STP 16F28002800150018.075/471Request
5STP 16F28102800150018.075/471Request
5STP 24H28002800278043.0102/631Request
5STP 33L28002800376065.5120/781Request
5STP 45N28002800525077.0150/1001Request
5STP 45Q28002800571077.0150/1001Request
5STP 04D420042005007.160/341Request
5STP 12F42004200119017.375/471Request
5STP 18H42004200217032.0102/631Request
5STP 28L42004200329054.0120/781Request
5STP 38N42004200409064.5150/1001Request
5STP 38Q42004200442064.5150/1001Request
5STP 04D520052004206.160/341Request
5STP 17H52005200197034.0102/631Request
5STP 25L52005200283050.5120/781Request
5STP 25M52005200240050.5120/781Request
5STP 34N52005200345063.0150/1001Request
5STP 34Q52005200372063.0150/1001Request
5STP 52U52005200520099.0172/1101Request
5STP 03X650065003404.760/341Request
5STP 03D650065003904.760/341Request
5STP 08F6500650085015.175/471Request
5STP 08G6500650073015.175/471Request
5STP 12K65006500143031.5102/631Request
5STP 18M65006500183047.5120/781Request
5STP 26N65006500288065.0150/1001Request
5STP 40N65006500378065.0150/1001Request
5STP 42U65006500430086.0172/1101Request
5STP 40X65006500378065.0150/1001Request
5STP 48Y72007200504092.0192/1431Request
5STP 27N85008500266064.0150/1001Request
5STP 27Q85008500287064.0150/1001Request
5STP 45Y85008500445090.0192/1431Request
Part NumberVDRM(V)ITAV(A)DatasheetMOQOffer
5STP 02T180018002001Request
5STP 02T200020002001Request
5STP 0365D000265003001Request
5STP 03T120012003001Request
5STP 03X580058003001Request
5STP 03X620062003001Request
5STP 04D360036004001Request
5STP 04D400040004001Request
5STP 04D460046004001Request
5STP 04D500050004001Request
5STP 06D220022006001Request
5STP 06D260026006001Request
5STP 06D420042006001Request
5STP 06T160016006001Request
5STP 06T420042006001Request
5STP 07D120012007001Request
5STP 07D160016007001Request
5STP 0865F000165008001Request
5STP 08D280128008001Request
5STP 08G620062008001Request
5STP 08T280028008001Request
5STP 09D180118009001Request
5STP 09D220122009001Request
5STP 10D1201120010001Request
5STP 10D1401140010001Request
5STP 10D1601160010001Request
5STP 10T1600160010001Request
5STP 12F4000400012001Request
5STP 12F4201420012001Request
5STP 12F4240420012001Request
5STP 12M6200620012001Request
5STP 12M6500650012001Request
5STP 12N8500850012001Request
5STP 15T2800280015001Request
5STP 16F2200220016001Request
5STP 16F2600260016001Request
5STP 16F2801280016001Request
5STP 17F2201220017001Request
5STP 17H4600460017001Request
5STP 17H5000500017001Request
5STP 17T2200220017001Request
5STP 18F1200120018001Request
5STP 18F1600160018001Request
5STP 18F1801180018001Request
5STP 18H4000400018001Request
5STP 18L3600360018001Request
5STP 18L4000400018001Request
5STP 18L4200420018001Request
5STP 18M5800580018001Request
5STP 18M6200620018001Request
5STP 18T1800180018001Request
5STP 20F1601160020001Request
5STP 20N8500850020001Request
5STP 20Q8500850020001Request
5STP 20T1600160020001Request
5STP 21F1400140021001Request
5STP 21H3600360021001Request
5STP 21H3640360021001Request
5STP 21H4200420021001Request
5STP 21H4240420021001Request
5STP 2422M001220024001Request
5STP 24H2200220024001Request
5STP 24H2600260024001Request
5STP 24L2200220024001Request
5STP 24L2400240024001Request
5STP 24L2600260024001Request
5STP 24L2800280024001Request
5STP 25L5000500025001Request
5STP 26N6200620026001Request
5STP 27H1600160027001Request
5STP 27H2601260027001Request
5STP 27H2801280027001Request
5STP 27L1200120027001Request
5STP 27L1600160027001Request
5STP 27L1800180027001Request
5STP 27T2600260027001Request
5STP 27T2800280027001Request
5STP 2842M0005420028001Request
5STP 28L3600360028001Request
5STP 28L4000400028001Request
5STP 28M4200420028001Request
5STP 29H2201220029001Request
5STP 29T2200220029001Request
5STP 30H1801180030001Request
5STP 30T1800180030001Request
5STP 3328L0003280033001Request
5STP 33L2200220033001Request
5STP 33L2600260033001Request
5STP 34H1601160034001Request
5STP 34N4600460034001Request
5STP 34N5000500034001Request
5STP 34T1600160034001Request
5STP 38N3600360038001Request
5STP 38N4000400038001Request
5STP 4265U0004650042001Request
5STP 45N2200220045001Request
5STP 45N2600260045001Request

Fast Switching Thyristors

  • Low switching losses
  • Short turn-off time
  • Fast turn-on and increased di/dt capability
  • High operating frequency, up to 10kHz
  • Suitable for power switching applications and induction heating
Part numberVDRM/VRRM(V)ITAVM(A)DatasheetMOQOffer
5STF 23H2040200023001Request
5STF 28H2060200028001Request
5STF 05D222522005001Request
5STF 05D223222005001Request
5STF 05D242524005001Request
5STF 05D243224005001Request
5STF 05D262526005001Request
5STF 05T222522005001Request
5STF 05T223222005001Request
5STF 05T242524005001Request
5STF 05T243224005001Request
5STF 05T262526005001Request
5STF 06D120812006001Request
5STF 06D121012006001Request
5STF 06D140814006001Request
5STF 06D141014006001Request
5STF 06D182018006001Request
5STF 06D182518006001Request
5STF 06D202020006001Request
5STF 06D202520006001Request
5STF 06D224022006001Request
5STF 06D225022006001Request
5STF 06D244024006001Request
5STF 06D245024006001Request
5STF 06D264026006001Request
5STF 06T120812006001Request
5STF 06T121012006001Request
5STF 06T140814006001Request
5STF 06T141014006001Request
5STF 06T182018006001Request
5STF 06T182518006001Request
5STF 06T202020006001Request
5STF 06T202520006001Request
5STF 06T224022006001Request
5STF 06T225022006001Request
5STF 06T244024006001Request
5STF 06T245024006001Request
5STF 06T264026006001Request
5STF 07D121312007001Request
5STF 07D121412007001Request
5STF 07D121612007001Request
5STF 07D121712007001Request
5STF 07D141314007001Request
5STF 07D141414007001Request
5STF 07D141614007001Request
5STF 07D141714007001Request
5STF 07D183218007001Request
5STF 07D184018007001Request
5STF 07D203220007001Request
5STF 07D204020007001Request
5STF 07T121312007001Request
5STF 07T121412007001Request
5STF 07T121612007001Request
5STF 07T121712007001Request
5STF 07T141314007001Request
5STF 07T141414007001Request
5STF 07T141614007001Request
5STF 07T141714007001Request
5STF 07T183218007001Request
5STF 07T184018007001Request
5STF 07T203220007001Request
5STF 07T204020007001Request
5STF 09D122012009001Request
5STF 09D122512009001Request
5STF 09D142014009001Request
5STF 09D142514009001Request
5STF 09T122012009001Request
5STF 09T122512009001Request
5STF 09T142014009001Request
5STF 09T142514009001Request
5STF 10F2810280010001Request
5STF 10F2880280010001Request
5STF 10F3010300010001Request
5STF 10F3080300010001Request
5STF 11F2810280011001Request
5STF 11F2812280011001Request
5STF 11F3010300011001Request
5STF 11F3012300011001Request
5STF 12F1825180012001Request
5STF 12F1832180012001Request
5STF 12F1840180012001Request
5STF 12F1850180012001Request
5STF 12F2025200012001Request
5STF 12F2032200012001Request
5STF 12F2040200012001Request
5STF 12F2050200012001Request
5STF 13F1020100013001Request
5STF 13F1025100013001Request
5STF 13F1220120013001Request
5STF 13F1225120013001Request
5STF 14F1863180014001Request
5STF 14F1880180014001Request
5STF 14F2063200014001Request
5STF 14F2080200015001Request
5STF 15F1032100015001Request
5STF 15F1040100015001Request
5STF 15F1232120015001Request
5STF 15F1240120015001Request
5STF 15F1840180015001Request
5STF 15F1850180015001Request
5STF 15F2040200015001Request
5STF 15F2050200015001Request
5STF 16F1213120016001Request
5STF 16F1216120016001Request
5STF 16F1413140016001Request
5STF 16F1416140016001Request
5STF 17F1220120017001Request
5STF 17F1225120017001Request
5STF 17F1420140017001Request
5STF 17F1425140017001Request
5STF 18F1010100018001Request
5STF 18F1013100018001Request
5STF 18F1210120018001Request
5STF 18F1213120018001Request

Reverse Conducting Thyristors

  • Monolithic integrated freewheeling diode.
  • Optimized for low dynamic losses.
Part numberVDRM/VRRM(V)ITAVM/IFAVM(A)DatasheetMOQOffer
5STR 03T204020003001Request
5STR 04T203220004001Request
5STR 07F254125007001Request
5STR 10T2520250010001Request


Offers a wide range of fast recovery diodes, standard recovery diodes and welding diodes.

Devices features:

  • 32 up to 144 mm wafer
  • 175 A up to 13500 A
  • 200 V up to 8500 V
  • Free floating, LTB and alloyed technology

Typical diode applications:

  • Drives
  • Neutral Point Clamp Diodes (NPC)
  • Input rectifiers for AC-drives
  • Metals melting and electrolysis

Fast Recovery Diodes

Diodes can be subdivided into two main classes: Rectifier diodes (standard recovery) and fast diodes. Rectifier diodes are generally used for conversion of AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current). While optimized for low conduction losses, Rectifier diodes withstand only moderate dynamic stress in transition from conducting to the blocking state.

Fast diodes, on the other hand, are companion devices to switches in DC to AC conversion. Every switch (GTO, IGCT or IGBT) requires a complementary diode (e.g. for "free-wheeling" reactive power) in order to enable operation of the DC-AC conversion system with inductive loads.

Fast diodes are optimized to accept high dynamic stress (fast transition from conducting to blocking state). However, they generally have higher conduction losses than rectifier diodes. For every switch family (GTO, IGCT and IGBT), we offer fast diodes that are optimized for the switch application.

Part numberVRRM(V)IFAVM(A)IFSM(kA)Qrr(µC)VDC(V)Package* (mm)DatasheetMOQOffer
5SDF 13H45014500120025.0-280094/631Request
5SDF 10H60046000110018.0-380094/631Request
Part numberVRRM(V)IFAVM(A)IFSM(kA)Qrr(µC)Package* (mm)DatasheetMOQOffer
5SDF 20L452145001950385300120/851Request
5SDF 28L4521450026204810100120/851Request
Part numberVRRM(V)IFAVM(A)IFSM(kA)VDC(V)Package* (mm)DatasheetMOQOffer
5SDF 03D450245002755.0280060/341Request
5SDF 05F4502450043516.0280075/471Request
5SDF 10H45034500110020.0280094/631Request
5SDF 20L452045001950382800120/851Request
5SDF 28L452045002620482800120/851Request
5SDF 34L452045002690402800120/851Request
5SDF 02D600455001753.0330060/341Request
5SDF 04F6004550038010.0330075/471Request
5SDF 08H6005550058518.0330094/631Request

Rectifier Diodes

Diodes can be subdivided into two main classes: Rectifier diodes and fast diodes. Rectifier diodes are split into two sub-classes: Standard rectifier diodes and avalanche diodes. Rectifier diodes are generally used for conversion of AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current).

Standard rectifier diodes are optimized with respect to low conduction losses and are able to handle very large currents.

Avalanche diodes are self protected against transient over-voltages.

Part numberVRRM(V)IFAVM(A)IFSM(kA)Package* (mm)DatasheetMOQOffer
5SDA 11D17021700131015.060/341Request
5SDA 27F20022000270031.075/471Request
5SDA 24F23032300235029.075/471Request
5SDA 10D23032300114013.560/341Request
5SDA 09D26042600102011.560/341Request
5SDA 08D320532009109.260/341Request
5SDA 21F32043200211026.075/471Request
5SDA 07D380638007907.660/341Request
5SDA 16F38063800162020.575/471Request
5SDA 06D500750006907.060/341Request
5SDA 14F50075000141017.575/471Request
5SDD 70H20002000703065.0101.5/631Request
5SDD 65H24002400652059.0101.5/631Request
5SDD 51L28002800538065.0120/781Request
5SDD 60N28002800683087.0151/1001Request
5SDD 60Q28002800738587.0151/1001Request
5SDD 11D28002800128515.060/341Request
5SDD 11T28002800128515.058.5/341Request
5SDD 24F28002800259630.075/471Request
5SDD 48H32003200470861.0101.5/631Request
5SDD 54N40004000520085.0151/1001Request
5SDD 40H40004000384746.0101.5/631Request
5SDD 08T50005000102812.058.8/341Request
5SDD 08D50005000102812.060/341Request
5SDD 20F50005000197824.075/471Request
5SDD 36K50005000363845.0101.5/631Request
5SDD 38H50005000381445.0101.5/631Request
5SDD 33L55005500348046.0120/781Request
5SDD 50N55005500457073.0151/1001Request
5SDD 06D6000600066210.558.5/341Request
5SDD 10F60006000136317.574.5/471Request
5SDD 14F60006000136317.574.5/471Request
5SDD 31H60006000320140.0101.5/631Request
5SDD 50N60006000421071.2151/1001Request
5SDD 57N650065005850110.0151/1001Request
5SDD 57X650065005850110.0151/1001Request
5SDD 75Y850085006720121.0192/1431Request

Welding Diodes

Welding diodes are designed for medium and high frequency welding equipment and optimized for high current rectifiers. The on-state voltage is very low and the output current is high.

Hitachi Energy is selling both normal housed and housing-less welding diodes. The latter is becoming more and more important in high current welding applications for joining of high refractory materials.

Part numberVRRM(V)IFAVM(A)IFSM(kA)Package* (mm)DatasheetMOQOffer
5SDD 71X0200200711055.060/441Request
5SDD 0120C02002001100085.075/571Request
5SDD 71B0200200711055.062/441Request
5SDD 71B0400400711055.062/441Request
5SDD 71X0400400711055.060/441Request
5SDD 0120C04004001135085.075/571Request
5SDD 92Z0401400924460.053/471Request
5SDD 0105Z04014001050270.056/49.51Request
5SDD 0135Z04014001352685.063.5/571Request
5SDF 63B040040062664463/441Request
5SDF 63X040040062664461/441Request
5SDF 90Z040140090414853/471Request
5SDF 0102C0400400101597075.5/571Request
5SDF 0103Z0401400102665456/49.51Request
5SDF 0131Z0401400130587063.5/571Request
Part numberVRRM(V)IFAVM(A)DatasheetMOQOffer
5SDA 06D380738006001Request
5SDA 06D440744006001Request
5SDA 07D320632007001Request
5SDA 08D290529008001Request
5SDA 09D200420009001Request
5SDA 09D230423009001Request
5SDA 09P173317009001Request
5SDA 10D2003200010001Request
5SDA 14F3807380014001Request
5SDA 14F4407440014001Request
5SDA 16F3206320016001Request
5SDA 19F3205320019001Request
5SDA 21F2604260021001Request
5SDA 21F2904290021001Request
5SDA 24F1703170024001Request
5SDA 24F2003200024001Request
5SDD 0105Z04005001001Request
5SDD 0135Z020035001001Request
5SDD 0135Z040035001001Request
5SDD 03T123012003001Request
5SDD 03T124012003001Request
5SDD 03T303030003001Request
5SDD 03T304030003001Request
5SDD 07D600060007001Request
5SDD 09D600060009001Request
5SDD 10T1800180010001Request
5SDD 17F6000600017001Request
5SDD 20L2600260020001Request
5SDD 20L2800280020001Request
5SDD 3050L0003500030001Request
5SDD 31K6000600031001Request
5SDD 32L2200220032001Request
5SDD 32L2600260032001Request
5SDD 33L4400440033001Request
5SDD 33L4800480033001Request
5SDD 33L5000500033001Request
5SDD 38F2000200038001Request
5SDD 39K4000400039001Request
5SDD 40B020020040001Request
5SDD 51L2600260051001Request
5SDD 60N2200220060001Request
5SDD 60N2600260060001Request
5SDD 7102B000120071001Request
5SDD 92Z020020092001Request
5SDD 92Z040040092001Request
5SDF 0103Z04003001001Request
5SDF 0131Z040031001001Request
5SDF 02D60026002001Request
5SDF 0345D001145003001Request
5SDF 03D450145003001Request
5SDF 03T203420003001Request
5SDF 03T203520003001Request
5SDF 03T204420003001Request
5SDF 03T204520003001Request
5SDF 04D450445004001Request
5SDF 04T450445004001Request
5SDF 05D250125005001Request
5SDF 05D250525005001Request
5SDF 06D250425006001Request
5SDF 06T250425006001Request
5SDF 07F450145007001Request
5SDF 07H450145007001Request
5SDF 08F450545008001Request
5SDF 08T450545008001Request
5SDF 10H4502450010001Request
5SDF 10H4520450010001Request
5SDF 11F2501250011001Request
5SDF 11H44505440011001Request
5SDF 11H4505450011001Request
5SDF 12F2505250012001Request
5SDF 12F3005300012001Request
5SDF 12T2505250012001Request
5SDF 12T3005300012001Request
5SDF 1445H0006450014001Request
5SDF 16L4503450016001Request
5SDF 90Z040040090001Request

Gate Turn-off Thyristors (GTO)

Production of GTOs commenced in the mid 1980s. A GTO is a thyristor that can be turned off by applying a current to the gate in the reverse direction to that required to turn it on.

GTOs are optimized for low conduction losses. The typical on-off switching frequency is in the range of 200 - 500 hertz for most applications. GTOs are, by nature, relatively slow switches.

Typical transition times from on to off state and vice versa are in a range of 10 - 30 microseconds. All GTOs require protective networks called "snubbers" for turn-on and turn-off. The turn-on snubber circuit, in essence an inductor, limits the rate of current rise. For turn-off, the GTO requires a device that limits the rate of voltage rise, in essence a capacitor.

Part NumberVDRM(V)VDC(V)ITGQM@ Cs(A)Cs(µF)Package* (mm)DatasheetMOQOffer
5SGA 15F2502250014001500375/471Request
5SGA 20H2501250014002000493/631Request
5SGA 25H2501250014002500693/631Request
5SGA 30J25012500140030005108/751Request
5SGA 06D450245002800600158/341Request
5SGA 20H4502450022002000493/631Request
5SGA 30J45024500280030006108/751Request
5SGA 40L45014500280040006120/851Request
5SGF 30J45024500300030003108/751Request
5SGF 40L45024500280040006120/851Request
Part numberVDRM/ VRRM (V)ITGQM @ Cs(A)ITGQM @ Cs(µF)Package* (mm)DatasheetMOQOffer
5SGS 08D25002500800256/341Request
5SGS 12F250025001200367/471Request
5SGS 16H250025001600490/631Request
5SGS 08D45004500800253/341Request
5SGS 12F450045001200367/471Request
5SGS 16H450045001600490/631Request
Part NumberVDRM(V)ITGQM@ Cs(A)DatasheetMOQOffer
5SGA 06D450145006001Request
5SGA 1514F0001140015001Request
5SGA 1518F0001180015001Request
5SGA 3025J0003250030001Request
5SGA 30J2502250030001Request
5SGA 30L2501250030001Request
5SGA 30L4502450030001Request
5SGA 4045L0005450040001Request
5SGF 3045J0022450030001Request

Diode and Thyristor Modules

Diode and thyristor modules feature industry standard housings and very low losses together with the highest operating temperatures.

They provide the ultimate in reliability and are the epitome of quality. Whether efficiently driving industrial motors, smoothly accelerating fans and pumps, or supply power to demanding applications.

Part numberVRRM(V)IFAVm(A)ConfigurationHousingDatasheetMOQOffer
5SET 0540T18001800522Thyristor / thyristor (phase leg)60 mm1Request
5SEG 0540T18201800522Thyristor / diode (phase leg)60 mm1Request
5SEE 0540T18301800522Diode / thyristor (phase leg)60 mm1Request
5SED 0890T22402200889Diode / diode (phase leg)60 mm1Request
5SED 0890T22502200889Diode / diode (common anode)60mm1Request
5SED 0890T22602200889Diode / diode (common cathode)60mm1Request

Surge Voltage Suppressors

  • Symmetric blocking characteristics with avalanche breakdown capability.
  • Effective protection against repetitive and non-repetitive over-voltages.
Part NumberVR(V)IRM(A)DatasheetMOQOffer
5SSA 20R150015002001Request
5SSA 20R160016002001Request
5SSA 23R130013002301Request
5SSA 23R140014002301Request
5SSA 26R110011002601Request
5SSA 26R120012002601Request
5SSA 30R09009003001Request
5SSA 30R100010003001Request
5SSA 38R07007003801Request
5SSA 38R08008003801Request
5SSA 50R05005005001Request
5SSA 50R06006005001Request
5SSB 20X140014502001Request
5SSB 20X150015502001Request
5SSB 20X280028502001Request
5SSB 20X290029502001Request
5SSB 20X300030502001Request
5SSB 20X310031502001Request
5SSB 23X120012502301Request
5SSB 23X130013502301Request
5SSB 23X240024502301Request
5SSB 23X250025502301Request
5SSB 23X260026502301Request
5SSB 23X270027502301Request
5SSB 26X100010502601Request
5SSB 26X110011502601Request
5SSB 26X200020502601Request
5SSB 26X210021502601Request
5SSB 26X220022502601Request
5SSB 26X230023502601Request
5SSB 30X08008503001Request
5SSB 30X09009503001Request
5SSB 30X160016503001Request
5SSB 30X170017503001Request
5SSB 30X180018503001Request
5SSB 30X190019503001Request
5SSB 38X06006503801Request
5SSB 38X07007503801Request
5SSB 50X04004505001Request
5SSB 50X05005505001Request

Part Numbering Structure

IGBT and Diode Modules

Product group
  • 5SF = SiC MOSFET
  • 5SJ = BIGT
  • 5SL = Diode
  • 5SM = IGBT
  • 5SN = IGBT and diode
  • A = Single device (can include diode)
  • D = Dual switch in one package
  • E = Chopper, switch on low side
  • G = Phase leg
Nominal collector current rating (A) Housing
  • A = RoadPak A-Sample
  • B = RoadPak B-Sample
  • E = HiPak2, 40 mm
  • G = HiPak2 HV, 44 mm
  • H = Press-pack
  • J = HiPak1 HV, 44 mm
  • K = Press-pack
  • L = Press-pack
  • M = HiPak1, 30 mm
  • N1 / N2 = HiPak1, 30 mm
  • P = HiPak0
  • Q = 62Pak
  • R = LoPak1 (thermal paste/TIM)
  • S = LoPak3
  • X = LinPak
Blocking voltage (V/100) Package variation
  • 0 = Standard
Technology variation
  • 1 = SPT / 3 = SPT+ and SPT++ / 4 = TSPT+ (Enhanced trench cell technology)
Version number

Integrated Gate-Commutated Thyristors (IGCT)

Product group
  • 5SHX = Reverse conducting IGCT
  • 5SHY = Asymmetric IGCT
Max. turn-off current (l/100) Housing Blocking voltage (V/100) Version number

Gate Turn-off Thyristors (GTO)

Product group
  • 5SGA = Asymmetric GTO
  • 5SGF = Fine pattern GTO
Max. turn-off current (l/100) Housing Blocking voltage (V/100) Version number

Phase Controlled Thyristors (PCT)

Product group
  • 5STP = Phase control thyristors
  • 5STB = Bi-directionally controlled thyristors
Average on-state current (l/100) Housing Blocking voltage (V/100) Version number


Product group
  • 5SDA = Avalanche rectifier diode
  • 5SDD = Rectifier diode
  • 5SDF = Fast recovery diode
Average on-state current (l/100) Housing Blocking voltage (V/100) Version number

Fast / Reverse Conducting Thyristors

Product group
  • 5STF = Fast Switching
  • 5STR = Reverse Conducting
Average on-state current (l/100) Housing Blocking voltage (V/100) Version number

Diode and Thyristor Modules

Product group
  • 5SE
  • D = Diode / diode
  • G = Thyristor / diode
  • E = Diode / thyristor
  • T = Thyristor / thyristor
Average on-state current (l/100) Housing
  • T ... 60Pak
Blocking voltage (V/100)
  • 0 ... 6
Connection Version number

Surge Voltage Suppressors

Product group
  • 5SSA = Standard
  • 5SSB = Presspack
Pulsed current (I/10) Housing Blocking voltage (V/100) Version number